Most Memorable Gaming Voices- in my Opinion

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Game Informer published a list of most memorable character voices in games. It was a terrible list that seemed to be under the belief that voice overs are a new thing in gaming (or the writer has only been playing games since around 2005, take your pick). It also seemed to assume that “memorable” was equal to “competent”, which isn’t necessarily the case at all. Memorably bad voice acting is still memorable. So I decided I should voice my own opinion on the matter. Also, voice actors who originated the role in another media are disqualified (Game Informer’s list included Mark Hammill as the Joker, and he originated the role on Batman: The Animated Series. That’s cheating.). I’m also not using live-action actors, which is why Joe Kucan as Kane is absent (but mentioned). Finally, this is just gonna be a list. I don’t have time right now to elaborate much on my reasons.  And here we go.

10.  Viconia DeVir (Grey DeLisle), Baldur’s Gate I and II

9.  Duke Nukem (Jon St. John), Duke Nukem 3D

8.  John Marston (Rob Wiethoff), Red Dead Redemption

7. Kain (Simon Templeman) , Legacy of Kain series

6. Max Payne (James McCaffery), Max Payne 1 and 2

5.  The Sniper (John Patrick Lowery), Team Fortress 2

4.  Electronic Video Agent (Martin Alper), Command & Conquer: Red Alert

3. Guybrush Threepwood (Dominic Armato), Monkey Island series

2. SHODAN (Teri Brosius), System Shock 2

1. Barry Burton (Barry Gjerde), Resident Evil


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