The Indie Fix: Stealth Bastard

Posted: November 9, 2011 in PC
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Stealth Bastard distills the experience of the stealth game to its bare bones: avoid detection. Don’t get caught. Be like the wind, baby. It’s a new game from Curve Studios, the same folks behind Fluidity and Explodemon! (which, I admit, was not my cup of tea), which is free to download.

The game offers deceptively simple gameplay – you can move left and right, duck, jump, hang, and activate switches and computers. Sounds simple enough, no? Well, that also comes with avoiding the watchful gaze of security cameras and instant death laser-beams. And then, of course, there are robots that can not only shoot laser beams but also move…now you’ve got yourself quite a challenge.

Stealth Bastard features four campaign episodes, but also has the option to download user-made levels, as well as the ability to make your own. This is one of the coolest features – the game includes a built-in level editor so you can trade with other users. Now, this is not without precedent – lots of games have included fully featured level editors ever since the original Lode Runner. There are a few levels available already, and some of the designs are pretty good. They’re bound to get even better as the community grows and gets better with the design tools.

The game is impressively challenging in its included scenarios (there are three episodes of seven levels each), often bordering on frustrating but always fun. Like Super Meat Boy, though, this is a large part of the appeal – you’ll make mistakes, but you’ve got unlimited lives to correct those mistakes. Timing is a big part of the gameplay, and, admittedly, my timing sucked the first few times through (every level).

Stealth Bastard is a well-designed and extremely fun game (and it also has a catchy soundtrack!). The fact that it’s free just adds to the question “why aren’t you playing it right now?”. Stealth Bastard can be downloaded here.¬†Go do it. NOW. It rocks.

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