Rainbow Six: Patriots Announced, Tactics Absent

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The End of the Rainbow Because Ubi Wants a Pot of Gold

Note that, in spite of the video’s title, this is a proof of concept video and not actual gameplay footage.


Ubisoft announced the next installment in the Rainbow Six series today with a video of not-actually-gameplay footage at Game Informer. The video shows a man being kidnapped and shoved into the back of a car (gee, didn’t see that in Call of Duty 4) and handed a detonator. Meanwhile, Team Rainbow (the player character apparently being a hardcore operator who’s too cool to wear a Kevlar helmet) intercepts the van. The character manages to get hit by flying lead without so much as slowing down, and mows down thugs with almost no resistance. He then proceeds to push the guy with the detonator off a bridge. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen!

The whole trailer feels completely alien to someone who has played the Rainbow Six series since its inception. It has the same generic no-teamwork action-movie badassery that makes so many games feel alike, and it’s painful to know that Rainbow Six – a name once associated with tactics, careful planning and realistically deadly action – has been slapped onto another brown-shooter paste bandwagon game. This is pretty much it for the series as it once was. R6 Vegas and its sequel watered the series down horribly, and this is the final nail in the casket. Ubisoft has once again proven that the name and history of a series means much less than getting that Call of Duty dollar.

Rainbow Six was from its inception a series based in realism, and conducting operations without typical action movie heroics. Throwing a flashbang and neutralizing your enemies while breaching a room and rescuing hostages worked better than charging in guns blazing, which would get you and the hostages killed. And as Rainbow is a professional special tactics squad that excels at keeping hostages alive, one of their members pushing a hostage off a bridge would likely get him fired if not jailed. But of course, realism is less important than being cool and playing by your own rules, so push away!

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