A Fortnight of Fright: Monster Party

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Retro
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As Halloween night draws near, Chad has taken it upon himself to dig into the vaults to bring you some of his favorite horror-themed video games in his Fortnight of Fright. Can you handle the madness? Read on, if you dare!


Waitin’ For An Invitation to Arrive

This game is just weird, in a particularly wonderful way. See, you play as this kid named Mark who fuses with a demon named Bert – I guess there were too many Samaels, Ulayoths and Yeenoghus in Hell – to fight monsters in Bert’s home world. In the first minute of the game, we¬†have what every rabid televangelist and misguided parents’ group feared in the ’80s: a wholesome middle-American kid making a pact with demons. Must be all that heavy metal music and Dungeons & Dragons. Because the fact that the kid is going along with this stranger who just showed out of nowhere would be fine and dandy on its own.


I’m amused by the fact that in the opening, Bert wants Mark to come along because he has a weapon. A baseball bat. Now, I don’t want to second guess your judgement, Bert but…you sure Mark’s bat is the weapon you need? I know you’re a demon and all but…why not wait until the gun shop opens in the morning? I mean the bat is fine, but if you don’t even have a simple club weapon, why not take a pair of .45s into the dark world? I’m just sayin’…

Monster Party: where bosses are so scared of you, they kill themselves.

Anyway, the game begins, and rather than fighting with their powers combined, you start as plain old Mark, and have to collect pills to power up and transform into Bert. (I’m starting to think Bert is just a jerk who didn’t want to do the fighting himself.) In the first level alone, you run into a suspiciously familiar-looking singing Venus flytrap, as well as a dead spider which actually apologizes to you for being dead. Well, that seems pretty crazy, huh?

Well, that ain’t the half of it. You not only fight things like Medusa, Audrey II and a shrimp, but the jack-o-lantern-headed ghost from the cover of the Halloween novelization. I’m not kidding. All of these things exist in the game. It starts off with a vague horror theme and from there it just descends into complete madness.

And frankly, that’s what makes the game a cult classic. Monster Party would just be a typical platformer with a transformation gimmick if it wasn’t so balls-out insane. I mean, for an NES game, it’s pretty easy. It doesn’t have anything going for it other than the fact that it’s gory and…well, it’s insane. Mad. Bonkers. Crazy. And if you’ve grown bored of the Mushroom Kingdom…it might just be your kind of party, too.

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