Zork Series 40% Off This Weekend at GoG.Com

Posted: August 13, 2011 in PC
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Have you ever experienced the pulse-pounding fear associated with all-encompassing darkness and the threat of being eaten whole by the carnivorous Grue? Have you ever wished to explore the Great Underground Empire? Or perhaps you want to play a game featuring 1980s TV heartthrob Dirk Benedict?

Well, if you said yes to any of those questions, this just might be your weekend, as GoG.com has put all of the entries in Infocom’s classic Zork series for sale. These include the Zork Anthology, which features the 6 classic text adventures; also featured in the sale are the later point-and-click-with-decent-FMV sequels, Return to Zork, Zork Nemesis, and Zork Grand Inquisitor. These old gems are well worth dusting off at the price of $3.59 each.


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