Female Shepard to Be Featured in Mass Effect 3 Advertising

Posted: June 16, 2011 in PC, PS3
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BioWare’s director of marketing, David Silverman, said on Twitter Tuesday that “there will be a FemShep trailer” for Mass Effect 3. The female version of Commander Shepard has proved popular with the fanbase, probably in no small part to Jennifer Hale’s excellent voice work. This will be the first time a female Shepard has been used in marketing; until now only the generic buzzcut male Shephard has been featured in advertisements. FemShep, as fandom refers to her, will appear on the Collector’s Edition of the game and possibly in other venues.

The look for the iconic version of FemShep is as yet undecided, it is unknown whether it will be the default female Shepard or a new design. Images here are the writer’s own FemShep.

My only question is, with all the generic buzzcut space marines out there, why it took so long.

Source: Gamepro


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