An Open Letter to Sony

Posted: April 27, 2011 in PS3
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Note: The following is a summary of one writer’s opinions and, unless otherwise indicated, does not reflect the opinions of Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming’s staff as a whole.

Dear Sony:

I’ve been a long-time consumer of your PlayStation line. In 1996, I decided that neither Nintendo nor Sega’s systems offered what I wanted. The original PlayStation won me over with its large and varied library of games and support for 3D and full-motion video that the other two systems lacked. I’ve been a loyal PlayStation user since that time. However, the recent debacle – no, the recent utter clusterf*** – regarding the PlayStation Network has caused me to question my faith in the company.

When PSN customers signed in, they expected some things. We expected for our accounts to be protected, for our information to be just between us and you. And you dropped the ball.

I chose the PS3 for several reasons: it uses state-of-the-art technologies such as Blu-Ray discs, its reliability compared to the Xbox 360, and, in addition, my previous experiences with Sony products (the PS1 and PS2) have been overwhelmingly positive. I assumed that your high standards would extend to your network, security, and to your respect for your customers. I guess I was wrong. And that hurts.

I’ve been a loyal customer for the past 15 years. I’ve given serious thought to breaking that loyalty today. In the 1970s, when Ford’s Pinto was proven to be an unsafe vehicle, they lost a considerable amount of market share. It will take a considerable amount of work to repair your relationship with the customer base. Keep in mind that you’re not entirely to blame for the network going down, but you are to blame for being slow on the draw when it comes to letting us know the deal. It would have been nice to know sooner. Breaches of security aren’t a lightweight matter and you should open up the lines of communication with everyone affected. Let us know what you’re doing to fix it, to help get things back under control.

I will be watching and waiting to see how you respond, and then decide if I’m going to stay with Sony.


Chad Morelock

PlayStation Customer

  1. Yo says:

    I can completely understand the frustration people are having with the PSN problem. I have been a PS3 user since release. I’m pissed that I have to change my passwords, change my credit card, and worry. But why the hell is everyones anger falling on Sony and not the goddamn hackers that actually stole our information? For instance, if the bank where my safe deposit box resides is robbed and my valuables are stolen, I wouldn’t be angry at my bank as much as the assholes that robbed it. If my car was broken into and my security system didn’t deter the thieves from stealing the car, I wouldn’t be as angry that my alarms and locks sucked, as I would be at the cock shiners that broke in and stole it. There is no doubt that Sony screwed up but most of my blame is toward the assholes that stole my info. Fuck them!

    • Chad M. says:

      Sony isn’t responsible for the hacking, but they did create the conditions (in this case a network with gaping, unhandled security flaws) . If your safe deposit box is robbed, this is why the FDIC exists (in the US, at least). We gave our information in confidence believing that they would protect it. They failed.
      “Keep it secret…Keep it safe.”

      • Scott Carmichael says:

        I agree with you Chad – 100%.

        Yo – I blame Sony more than hackers at this point because this is not the first (Blu-ray encryption hacked), second (Geohot incident) or third (all those hacked titles like MW2 being unplayable) hacking related problem on the PS3.

        Sony apparently doesn’t care about securing their software.

        Either they hire incredibly incompetent “security experts” or are so full of themselves they think their technology is flawless and immune to attack. Whatever the case may be, they really screwed gamers over in this latest incident. I spent last night changing passwords on nearly all of my sites (even if they didn’t share the same password) and will be cancelling my CC shortly.

        I’m also considering not really buying anything off PSN in the future because frankly,e ven though I could go the route of PSN Gift Cards or use a throwaway debit card/checking account…I don’t know if I should even support Sony at all in their online efforts.

        Maybe what the gaming world needs is a centralized service (XBox Live) that handles ALL the multiplayer/online store aspects across all platforms. Micrsoft, live ’em or hate em, at least has tons of experience in dealing with endless hacking attempts on all of their products over the years. They aren’t perfect – but they at least try.

      • Not to mention that you did address the issue of to what extent Sony is to blame and for what towards the end of your letter.

  2. Sebastian Force says:

    This was really good. Since I spent $720 on the console, I’m obviously not going anywhere, and I’m actually one of the ones thinking that they told us relatively soon, though they should have kept in more contact with us. It will be interesting to see how they make it up to us though.

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