Get Your Quest On! GoG Sale On Sierra Quest Titles This Weekend

Posted: April 15, 2011 in PC, Retro
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Sierra’s classic Quest series – that is, King’s Quest, Police Quest, and Space Quest– are on sale this weekend at a 30% discount at  Each of the collections they offer is ordinarily $9.99 USD, so they’re discounted to $6.99 each. These collections contain at least two games each (and one of the Police Quest sets containing FOUR games.)

 If I had to recommend one collection to you this weekend, though, it would definitely be the King’s Quest IV+V+VI collection. These are the best games in the series in this writer’s humble opinion, and are essential classics of the graphic adventure genre.

(I am a little bit miffed that the Gabriel Knight and Phantasmagoria series aren’t on sale too, and Leisure Suit Larry and Laura Bow have still yet to make an appearance on the site. But still!)

In other GoG news, they have recently added the original Alone in the Dark trilogy to their catalogue.  If you’re a fan of Resident Evil or Silent Hill, you should by all means check out where the survival horror style originated (and who we can blame for the “tank” controls).

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