The Commodore 64 Reborn

Posted: April 7, 2011 in PC, Retro
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Back from the Grave

Commodore is set to rejoin the world of personal computers almost two decades after their last Amiga shipped, and they’re doing it with a heaping helping of nostalgia. They’re keeping the form factor of the original built-into-the keyboard Commodore 64, while updating its components with all the modern bells and whistles and the Ubuntu Linux OS. The system will also receive an emulator to play classic Commodore 64 games. The Commodore 64 will be available in three versions starting at $250 USD.

But this isn’t all Commodore has up their sleeves. In addition to the rebirth of the C64, they will be unrolling two new models in the VIC series (to follow their 8-bit VIC-20), to be called the VIC-PRO and the VIC-SLIM. The VIC series will also be built-under-keyboard designs, so it will be interesting to see how this handles the modern issue of a hot-running processor. I know from personal experience that when my similarly built laptop heats up, it can be quite uncomfortable to use.

One of the VIC models

Finally, they will be coming out with a new Amiga, although few specifics are available at this time.

I had a Commodore 64 that I picked up a yard sale, and it was a fun little computer (I later gave it to a cousin when I ran out of room to keep it in). It’s good to see Commodore resurfacing. To me, they’re like the DeLorean of PCs – perfectly of their time and given to an immediate nostalgia trip. In any case, I’m also glad the C64 will return to the taupe┬ábeige color and full keyboard form factor rather than heavily modernizing. I rather like this style as opposed to the Apple “iLook” that everything seems to have these days.

I look forward to seeing Commodore rejoin the PC market, and wish them the best.

Sources: PC Mag, Commodore USA


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