Impulse Acquired By Gamestop

Posted: March 31, 2011 in PC
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Impulse, Stardock’s digital distribution service, has been acquired by Gamestop. This will, Stardock (developer of Sins of A Solar Empire) assures, not affect them in any way as the companies are separate entities from one another, and users of the service will not have their accounts or purchases affected in any way for the forseeable future.

Impulse is a competitor with Valve’s Steam (and one that has a decent if not overwhelming market share), while Gamestop is the monolithic Starbucks of game sellers. In spite of my personal distaste for Gamestop and their policies, this could be good for Impulse as well as well as opening up a new chapter in Gamestop history. As much as I love having hard copies, digital distribution seems to be where the future of game purchasing lies, and many companies have taken measures to combat Gamestop’s used game sales eating into their own profits.

  1. Sebastian Force says:

    I wont just go UGHHHHHHHHH.

    I loathe Gamestop for all the reasons that everyone else does, and I loathe people that shop there, especially for new games. Even if you say “it’s the only place around” You get everything cheaper online and with same day delivery, the only excuse is ignorance.

    • Joe Walker says:

      I dunno, I like the people that work at my GameStop. The store has really turned around and they actually work really hard to give good information to their customers DESPITE the questionable clientele.

      Of course, the store I used to work at in California was AWESOME, but that’s a whole other story for another day.

      But I’m not surprised to see them wanting to get into digital distribution. I can’t imagine them altering the way the service runs since it’s a new frontier to them, they’re probably just trying to establish themselves in the new distribution method, and you can’t blame them. It’s good business.

      • Chad M. says:

        I’m not trying to turn this into a discussion on Gamestop :/.

        But I just dislike their high pressure sales and their steep prices- They charge more for BioShock 2 used than I bought it for new.

      • Sebastian Force says:

        I’ve seen nice (aka unfortunate) people that work at gamestops, but even the nicest people can’t (in 99% of cases) change the prices, silly ads, pushing subscriptions, Scratched disks and broken consoles, Godawful pay structure to those nice people, Used game…well, everything…

        You’re lucky that the people at your gamestop was nice, but even that is the extreme minority.

        One gamestop employee put it the best for me. When I was 16 I wanted a job, and walked in and asked him for one and he said:

        “Do you like video games?”
        “Yeah of course”
        “Do you really like video games?”
        “Yeah absolutely.”
        “Get out now. This place will kill your soul, and you will never want to look at another video game again.”

  2. Armand K. says:

    Holy crap! Why? Why did Stardock get rid of Impulse?

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